Woman sentenced 5 Years for Steroid Case

Jessica Howard from Cincinnati was sentenced for five year prison by a judge on the charge of her role which she played in the steroid distribution ring. In November, 2011 Jessica Howard was one of the 14 persons arraigned with a $5000 bond. She was arraigned on the charges of having relations with a steroid distribution ring. Out of all the people she was the only one to go on trial. Her fiancé Matthew Geraci was the ring leader of that steroid ring and he told in detail how all that plan worked. According to Geraci, cabinets with steroids in them were filed and that is how they were circulated. He also told how he would get order from people. He gets a text message which contains the detail needed by people. He would go and put the needed things in the locker. People would come and get the thing from locker and leave the money there which he goes afterwards and picks up the money. Howard was the one who would bring the drugs from a secret location and put in the locker. Howard would get the key from Geraci and then do the required work.

According to prosecutors these drugs were used by the young athletes from high school and all the money from it went to Howard. But according to the lawyers of Howard she was just the lover of Geraci and nothing more than that. She also took care of children of Geraci at home. Her attorney, Frank Schiavone Jr. said that all the evidences which are found will not be able to prove that Howard was part of the Geraci’s whole ring. It was her biggest mistake that she fell in love with the wrong man Matthew Geraci and in this blind love Geraci had full control over her. It is out of that blind love that Howard his reached at this stage.

But all those justification were in vain as she was sentenced for five years in prison. She was convicted on two charges. One for trafficking of drug and the other charge was for her engagement in some corrupt activity which is not accepted legally. The sentence of five years given to her was on the basis that Howard was responsible for distributing the anabolic steroids for one year between the period of June2010 and July 2011. Anabolic steroids are banned around the world to be used by sportsmen and if anyone is found guilty then there are strict penalties, fine and life ban as well. Apart from Howard there were some 23 other people as well who were arrested by the police on this very account.