With growing focus on TRT, UFC boss says hands tied by maddening logistics

These days testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has once again seemed to be one of the most concerned topics in UFC.

The president of UFC, Dana White, was questioned regarding this matter when Nate Marquardt was nixed on versus 4.  Earlier then this event, Chael Sonnen too admitted that he used TRT for his combat for which he was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission.  Though Dana held the state regulatory bodies accountable but at the same time he also defended them.

In his argument White stated that the players traveled and fought all across the globe and that it would be impossible to keep a check on them all the time. In order to control the emerging situation the board recently in January announced a new policy to check all the potential signees for using performance enhancements. If the fighters passed this phase only then will they be contracted.  According to White the policy has been a bit successful as a few fighters have been apprehended who tried to cheat their way in.

Further on in the conference, White rejected the idea of random checking, though it is considered to be the most effective technique, as he called this system as impossible to work in the world of UFC.  Dean White said,” I want to see [expletive] baseball and football and all these other guys get tested the way we get tested. There would be no baseball or football if they got tested the way we get tested. I don’t want to throw this thing at everyone else, but the point is, we’re the most regulated sport on the planet, and that’s a fact.”

However, White told TRT is not illegal. It is legal for people to bring up their low testosterone up the limit of a normal guy of their age. However anything above that is prohibited and considered to be as drug abuse, same rule is applied in the UFC, Told by Dean White. On the other hand, White did explain the side effects of abusing testosterone; he told that if a person does exceed his required limit then in further on in life the consequences will be terrifying. The result of being, ones internal system gets disturbed forever and the body alone is unable to produce testosterone.

Though once again Dana White said in the conferences that testosterone replacement therapy is legal. And the short term effects are magnificent yet the board of UFC is on the path of stopping its players form undergoing the process, mainly because its consequences are worse in the long run.

White also brought into notice of the fact that testing out each player before their match would result in quite significant burden on the UFC, however he is satisfied by his and the UFC board’s regulations and believes, he and the staff members are doing everything to stop it. Yet once again White accused the athletic committee for this situation.