Wisconsin doctor claims steroids aren’t harmful at all

In most death cases of popular athletes, steroids are believed to play an important role. But the war against steroids is mostly not guided in a proper manner, says a doctor from Wisconsin. The case of Ryan Braun has made a lot of people to ponder upon what athletes are able to do and what they should not do for the purpose of enhancing their performance and what is the thing that would be acceptable to the thinking of people. Jill Rookard, an Oylmpian and one of the best athletes, and all players and coaches from Skaters say that they want to play in a clean manner.

Dr Norman Fost, Professor from University of Wisconsin, says that steroids are not a very bad thing to use. In his views it comes in cheating if you use steroids because there is a rule that that no one should use the steroids and if steroids are used then it is cheating. But he says that what is the basis on which this rule is formed? In his views, very few studies are done to prove that steroids are actually bad and are basis of problems created in the human body and due to this lack of research often the risks associated with steroids are presented in a very great manner. According to Dr Fost there are some myths, which could be associated with the use and abuse of steroids after picture of Lyle Alzado, a former NFL Star, was on a poster. But there was nothing proved that brain tumor to Lyle Alzado was due to using any of the steroids.

Ryan Spellecy who is a Milwaukee area expert also agrees with the ideas of Dr Fost. Although he is against the usage of steroids but still he thinks that for any medical treatment steroids are a necessity and mostly prescribed. If they are used according to prescription for medical reasons then there is no harm in using them.

Dr Fost says that he was considered to be a loneliest man in USA due to his stance on steroids but the views are changing about him. According to him he does not considers treating it differently as compared to other performance enhancing steroids used by many other athletes. He says any sport requires improvement and that can be achieved by using equipments and definitely usage of steroid is strong equipment in improving performance. He is also not in favor of usage of steroid by kids, young boys athletes in schools and high schools. But he says that if steroids are to be used by professional athletes then it should be properly administered under the supervision of a professional doctor.