Wedding guest trashed room after mixing steroids and alcohol

25 years old James Neale was brought in front of the Plymouth magistrates on the charges of drunk driving, causing damage to property and exceeding the legal limit of alcohol intake. James Neale and his partner were at the New Continental attending a wedding reception when these events took place. He has estimated to have caused a damage of £2,500. The room had to be closed down for three weeks in order for it to be restored in its original position. James was also accused to have driven to and from the reception three times under the legal alcohol limit. As for James solicitor, James actions of causing damage to the room were because of stress and the intake of bodybuilding supplements and alcohol. The presiding magistrate Hazel Poad ordered James to pay a full compensation to the hotel management for the mess he created. Together with this James’s driving license was seized for five years. The magistrate said “Taking alcohol and steroids could have been a lethal cocktail. You were an absolute fool.”

According to the court the cost of repairs and cleaning the hotel room summed up to a total of £2,483. However, James admitted that he damaged a television set, carpets and wallpapers amounted to a total cost of £2,148. James Neal also admitted that he did drink drive on the same day.

The legal limit in the law for alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath is 35 micrograms; however, James was found way over this limit and had 102 micrograms of alcohol. Together with this James also admitted that he had been driving without insurance.

Representing the Crown Prosecution Service, Michael French, brought up the facts in front of the court which were as follows; James and his partner attended a wedding reception on 12th February at the New Continental Hotel. James had been drinking all day long and at 9:30 am took the car keys from his partner. Michael French stated that the defendant drove between his residence and the hotel and after returning back he went to the hotel room and caused significant amount of damage. He further added that James threw things around the room and he broke a television set which to result in James being injured. Mr. Neale suffered a cut in this process and so blood was smeared on the walls.

The Hotel room was off limits for three weeks and for that the hotel had to suffer more than £2,438. It was also brought into courts notice that it was James third offence of driving while under the influence of drugs in the last eight years.

In defense, Neale’s lawyer, Mackenzie Robinson, told the court that his client is facing hard times. He told the court that his friend is suffering from a serious illness and that his son has epilepsy. In conclusion the defendant informed the court that his client had no intention of creating such a mess. He was merely under the influence of alcohol and bodybuilding supplements that he had taken.