UFC president Dana White went into depth of a ton of issues with Swedish journalist Marcus Kowal

President of UFC Dana White gave an interview to MMA Journalist from Sweden Marcus Kowal. This interview was broadcasted in three episodes. But the most important things came in the last two episodes. The things which were in the last two episodes are presented here. In these episodes White focused on pays given to the fighters. He also gave his clarifications on why guys should opt for MMA rather than going for football.

In the second episode White talks about his first trip to Sweden. He talked about on chalking out different ways and plans for quick sell out. He gave his views on the soccer stadium show of Brazil and he rates it as the biggest sporting event among the lot during the year.  He says that fans around the world would love to see a match between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen II. He also gave his opinion about different fighters not tapping out. He specially mentioned Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate in this regard. He talked about transitions in the sport after the Rousey and Tate period and also talked on how his mind is changed by these two.

In the third episode white talked about on how athletes can transform themselves from a normal player to the level of superstars in MMA and with that status how they can make huge amount of money. He says that as compared to football this sport is safer, cooler and one can have prolonged career in it. He says if you have the option of throwing a football around being expletive football player or you have the option of becoming heavyweight champion in the expletive world.  There is no comparison in between. White remembers his discussion with fox on what the fighters are able to make while playing and why this thing is not promoted as some of the other things. According to him in coming years fighters are going to make a lot of money. He says that media always talks about fighters not making good enough money. He remembers that in his 11 years and more than 1700 fights Lorenzo Fertitta’s interaction with some guy from ESPN tells and clears this whole debate. White helps out the fighters and also mentioned his frustrations on all the fighters coming to him after they are charged with usage of steroids. He says he has 375 guys under his contract and he has to take care of all those people and he mentioned how coming two years of his life would be as he is just like babysitting all those guys under the contract.