Tiger Woods doesn’t use steroids said Hank Haney

In the recent years, Tiger Woods has been the center of controversies and anything related to Mr. Woods has been on the front page news. When the world got to know that Mr. Woods was linked with Dr. Anthony Galea, the greatest golfer the world has ever seen became the centre of another controversy of using performance enhancing drugs. Anthony Galea is a Canadian physician who is alleged for trafficking HGH in to the United States and supposedly providing Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) to high profile athletes.

Hank Haney with James Diaz has written a book based on Hanks time with Tiger Woods. James Diaz is a well established golf digest writer and Hank Haney has worked with Tiger for six years during the most elite time of Tigers’ career as a swing coach. The book is titled, “The Big Miss” and its content is about Tiger’s life but Tiger and his associates are not pleased with the book. However, the book seems to be of no interest to those who want to know if Tiger Woods took performance enhancing drugs.

In an interview with Mr Hank when asked about Tigers doing performance enhancing drugs, Mr Hank denied it saying Tiger trains hard for hours in the gym every day and not to think that he has ever taken PEDs.

It’s true that during Tiger Woods knee injury, he used to visit Dr Anthony Galea for treatment but it was never for HGH but for a fast recovery treatment technique called blood spinning. Hanks stated in his interview that after Tiger’s knee surgery, Galea visited him five or six times after Tiger used to complete his gym routine and Hanks had seen the procedure of the treatment. It never involved PEDs hence clearing Tiger from any linkage with steroids. Therefore, it’s obvious why his coach has not included anything related to this case in his book. Tiger has always been clean but Hank’s book has opened up a whole many interesting facts about Tiger Woods therefore a must read for his fans.

Hanks writes in his book about Tiger’s character with the ability to stay calm under stress and to remain focused but highlights him as selfish, obsessive, cold, ruthless and lacking in generosity which all jell into each other hence providing him the ability to win and made him, as Hanks writes in his book, as an “immature person”.

Hank’s talks about Tigers’ failed marriage life in his book and says one cannot deny the fact that his personal life did affect his downfall. Tiger Woods is not pleased with his former coach after he portrayed him in his book but the author says he will not apologize for telling the truth.