Three men with conspiracy to import and traffic steroids

In the area of Hilfax three men were charged by the RCMP for the trafficking and import of steroids. These men were charged by the RCMP after a full investigation was carried out by them and in the investigation these men were found involved in the import and trafficking of illegal steroids. Three men charged by the RCMP are Andrew Paul Scott aged 27, James Douglas Rae aged 30 and last one is the Kevin John O’Keefe who is aged 29. There were total 12 charges on these three people. Six counts were on the trafficking of anabolic steroids. Other six charges were of importing various anabolic steroids into Canada. After they are charged, now they would be appearing in front of the court on 19th June in Halifax.

On 20th March evening the synthetic drug unit of RCMP raided an apartment in Hilfax on Lower Water Street. They had the warrant for this raid before and on 20th march they executed this raid. During the raid different types of material which are used in making different types of anabolic steroids were found and taken into custody. The different things found included approximately 60000 empty gel caps and 1000 full gel caps, gel capping machines 3 in quantity, empty vials 5000 in quantity and there were many unused labels for the distribution of steroids. On approximation about 5 liters of some unknown liquid and along with it one kilogram of some unknown powder was also found and taken into custody. These unknown liquid and unknown powders were brought in the labs of RCMP to be checked about their original identity. Lot of computer spread sheets were also taken into custody which were related to this steroid distribution business. The investigations have not stopped and they are still continued. Another search warrant of date April 11 was also issued for a residence at St. Margarets Bay Road.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones which fulfills the deficiency of hormones in the body. Normally doctors prescribe them to the patients but they are also used by sportsmen and bodybuilders to build the muscle mass and enhance their performances. For this very reason all the sports authorities around the world have banned the use of anabolic steroids. If any athlete or sportsman is found using anabolic or other type of steroids with the help of a urine test, then there are strict penalties or even a life time ban for the accused. But still many use them and for them this smuggling and trafficking of steroids is done. But apart from its usage there are serious side effects also associated with the usage of these steroids.