Stroke risk possibilities are higher in football players

Recent research show that young players of football are at a higher risk for heart strokes.

The research was conducted by 2 of the renowned doctors, Dr. Meredith R. Golomb and Dr. Jared R. Brosch of University School of Medicine Indiana. In the investigations, cases studies of young football players were studied who had suffered strokes at a very young age. Most of these youngsters were found to football players and athletes. Suffice to say that chances of strokes increase due to hyperventilation, neurological injuries, usage of anabolic steroids, and increased usage of abundantly caffeinated drinks as well as increase in obesity amongst adolescent players.

Recent media focus on the attainment of a perfect body and perfect attained through the use of energy drinks and steroids. Advertisements and promotions openly encourage the usage of steroid like drinks, pills and protein powders. Steroids are known to increase testosterone in the body which enables absorption of protein in the body, increases development of muscle mass. The substances in these drinks and pills increase aggression and the capacity to train and practice more than before. However, using steroid and the substances available in the market can cause some serious threat to one’s body, be it youngsters or adults alike. Side effects like acne, oily skin, bloating, nausea and obesity are just a few of the mild ones. Prolonged usage in men can cause gynomastia, meaning development of man breasts tissues and in women can cause mascular features of virilization may occur. In very bad cases, it can cause liver problems as well as death

As the study shows, obesity further has twice the dangers. For one, it increase the force of impact with which the players may collide during the game as well as the risk for hypertension which is the additive risk for a stroke.

Generally speaking, persistent vascular injury needs years of exposure which leads to hypertension but mild hypertension can be seen in young football players.

In United States of America, children are introduced to football by the age of 5 years. This means that they are exposed to the hazards of football from a very young and tender age leading to many years of brain and body injuries. Additionally, since the BMI (Body Mass Index) in US of A is increasing for young footballers, it also increases the forces while tackling the ball.

Since these were just the initial findings, much more is left to be attained to prove these points, the 2 doctors said. Further study and research is required in order to understand and comprehend how these persistent large force and high impact traumas can lead to problems of the nervous system.