Steroids in Baseball

Now days due to advanced testing facilities it is very easy to test any player for taking steroids. That’s the main reason why players normally do not even think of using steroids anymore and this has become matter of the past. Keith Olbermann, before his job as a political commentator, said that it would be a dreadful thing for players not going to hall of fame for the only reason that they have used steroids during their careers and were not thought as clean

It is popularly said that a player comes into the hall of fame before he moves on the other side of the picture. Same is thought to be the case with Clemens, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. Clemens who has a win loss record of 354-184 says that he has never used them and do not consider whatever his previous trainer says. Barry bonds said that he has used a creamy substance but never deliberately used anything that was prohibited. Anthony Rodriguez said that he has used steroids in Texas but used it never with Yankees. But people do not believe them. People think and say that no matter what the decision of jury about the player is, the truth of the matter is that the player should not be playing baseball anymore. Landis, who is the Baseball commissioner, says that it tells u all about what people thinks.

There are also players like Pedro Martinez and Derek Jeter, who have not used steroids during their whole playing career and as a result they were very fit and got only when their age comes and not any before like Michelin man, whose body was ballooned before his natural ending playing age. Pedro in his interview said that he is glad that he remained clean throughout his career, although he was criticized for missing starts a year as he was in ache and soreness and still not taking steroids. He says he feel sorry and bad for those who use it because it damages one’s image as the truth comes out that after such a wonderful career one faces charges like that. But each one, who is doing this, is responsible for doing it and should face consequences.

This issue is very important for players because it’s the performance and numbers which players leaves behind them which are tangible and reminds people of their favorite stars and when this corruption is heard of by the fans it creates a very bad image not only of stars but of the game as well. Because especially in United States baseball is the part of fabric and soul of the people and they love this sport very much.