Steroids for rehabilitation

Anabolic steroids are the most common steroids used. They are chemical substances made in laboratories that are closely related to the chemical found in hormone testosterone. It increases the protein synthesis in cells resulting in increase in cellular mass mostly in muscle tissue as well as helps attain masculinity. Thus, it improves physical appearance. Recent studies show that steroid abuse has become very common between teenagers who want to increase their physical attractiveness. Most steroid users are athletes and bodybuilders who want to enhance their performance and to gain strength. people who have low levels of testosterone which causes late puberty also tend to take steroids. Steroids can be taken in various ways through orally in pill, injections and even in gel form to be applied on the skin. They are taken in a process called cycle; there is a certain gap for specific time after each dose of steroid. Usually several different types of steroids are taken together to maximize outcome and this is called stacking. The use of steroid is a criminal offense therefore all sporting organizations have banned the use of steroids and steroid abusers can face serious penalty. Most steroid users use illegal steroids and they are mostly those people who want to enhance their body performance and appearance including all the athletes but there is also a medical use of steroids. It can be helpful to people suffering from weak bones, low level of testosterone, people suffering from anemia, people who want to reduce swelling, who want quick recovery of damaged muscle, individuals that have cancer and mostly those diseases that cause the loss of body mass and muscle.

The use of steroids comes with many serious irreversible effects such as acne, breast development in men and majorly destroying the internal system of the user, causing cancer, depression, liver diseases, tumor in kidney, various cardiac diseases and even HIV is one of long term effect of steroid abuse. Withdrawal symptoms are common when a person stops taking steroids as the level of hormones drop and the body cannot reach the level of hormone level resulting in mood swings, insomnia and depression fatigue. They even create a negative effect on their social life and untreated patients do lead up to committing suicides. A person can get addicted to steroids in such a way that the quantity of steroids he uses increase gradually. Steroid users are known to be addicted to other drugs such as alcohol and narcotic drugs.

Steroid abusers can be treated through rehab as they have physical as well as psychological problems that can cost them their life and affect those around them. Physical health evaluation, psychological counseling, hypnotherapy and anger management are some of the various rehab techniques to make sure that the drug abuser stays sober.