Steroids for Injury Recovery and Muscle Healing

Human body has got a natural tendency to heal itself in case of any injury. Processes of blood flow, nutrition and circulation make it possible.  As human body consists of 70% of water and body operates on a fluid medium in the form of blood. Blood circulation in ligaments, tendons and joints is more abundant but less efficient than in muscles. Steroids affect your blood and eventually affect your healing process.

Some of the facts about steroids on how they affect our bodies are as following:

  1. Steroids stimulate accretion of bone mass.
  2. Steroids stimulate production of red blood cells.
  3. Steroids stimulate a large volume of the blood in an overall manner.
  4. Intra and Extra Cellular fluid volume is increased.
  5. Some steroids may also have anti-inflammatory affects.

Let us have a look at some of the steroids and their effects. Nandrolone and Boldenone are the two most commonly used steroids for the healing of soft tissues. Nandrolone actually decreases inflammation of ligaments, tendons and joint capsule structures. It gives nitrogen retention which means that there is accelerated healing of all tissues which involves nitrogen (protein type tissues).  Much pain is caused in joints due to friction or inflammation and lot of pain is caused. Nandrolene helps in healing of tissue and decreasing the pain.

Equipoise is another very commonly used steroid which is used to increase number of red blood cells production and it also increases blood volume. With the help of this blood can circulate in those areas as well where it was not able to reach due to its lesser volume, which eventually helps in quicker healing. As is the case with nandrolene, equipoise also gives retention of nitrogen which again helps in quicker healing and less pain. But there is one side effect with using these types of steroids that they make the bones weak and whenever an injury to the bone occurs, healing takes a bit more time as compared to the normal time for healing.

We can say that steroids helps a lot quicker healing of the body on an overall basis. But the ligaments and tendons will still heal at a slow pace as compared to the healing of muscles in the body but still they would be healing at a better pace than normal. Dosage for the purpose of healing would be much lesser than the dosage for muscle building. Normal dosage for this purpose can be 400 mg per week of either nandrolene or equipoise can be taken. Some glucosamine and chondroiten can also be taken during the period. For more efficient healing of ligament and tendons vitamin c could be taken of amount 1 gm per day with plenty of water.