Steroids for Depression

Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels low all the time and one is not willing to take active part in any activity. Some of its symptoms may be lack of attraction towards activities which are once pleasurable, loss of weight, loss of appetite, restless nature, feeling of being helpless, loss of energy, aching, pains digestive problems and many more.

Earlier in humans, one of the root causes of depression was considered to be low testosterone levels in humans. In order to remove the deficiency anabolic steroids were used to increase the testosterone levels in the human body. Apart from the treatment of depression, anabolic steroids were also used to treat other deficiencies which were caused by the low testosterone levels in the body. But later in a research it was shown that instead of treating depression level in humans, steroids increased the level of depression. It can be said, after the research, that depression could be the biggest side effect. Athletes, who use steroids for enhancing their performance, also reports changing of moods, sudden aggression and depression, after usage. So to say that using of steroids can treat depression is not a perfect statement and in fact steroids are one of the main causes of depression.

People who tend to increase their muscle mass in no time, most of them use these steroids without any advice from the doctor and slowly the side effects of the steroids overshadow the enhanced performance. Stopping of steroids immediately can also have serious results so they should be left step wise.

Depression along with enhanced performance goes in phase by phase in the following manner:

  1. Enhanced energy and confidence levels with more ability to tolerate pain is felt but with that irritation, intolerance and aggressiveness is also increased.
  2. Ability to give rational of your actions slowly goes away and mood swings very rapidly.
  3. Aggressiveness often tends to make the person behave in a criminal and antisocial manner.
  4. Leaving of steroids immediately tends to decrease and in fact eliminate confidence level of a person and he feels depressed all the time.

Depression which is caused by steroids can be worked away in many ways but the best method is to do it with the help of natural methods. Some of the natural methods are given below:

  1. Diet of a person which is rich in vitamin b complex and magnesium should be used.
  2. Counseling with the help of a professional psychologist can be helpful.
  3. Different exercises like yoga, aerobics and swimming can also be handful.
  4. Helping oneself by sharing your ideas and thoughts with others can also have a very good effect.