Steroid injection returns football players to the field

Epidural steroid injections may not do so much for spine patients but it works a lot for experienced athletes especially those who have injured themselves. 89% of athletes who have suffered from lumbar disk herniation will return to the playing field after being treated using steroids.  The ESI treatment is used to relieve pain, with the steroid used being triamcinolone. Considering the risk factors of this operation, most players are able to return to active sports after they have been treated using ESI. This is the same percentage of players who will not need to be operated on  later on the same injury and will stay on the field for more than three seasons after they have been treated using ESI. It is obvious that this treatment has a lot of pros compared to cons. A small percentage of these players needed further injections and an even smaller percentage needed to be operated on. Overall, the success rate of ESI means that it is worth the risk for any player who has been injured. This is not the only instance in which steroids have been used in medicine for the treatment of injuries and diseases. The same process has not been very helpful in patients who are suffering from spinal injuries as had been said plenty of times before. These patients are not any better than those who decide on surgery for the treatment of their spine injuries. Diseases that have used steroids for treatment include anemia and osteoporosis as well as AIDS and other diseases that waste muscles. The decision to use steroids is on a discretionary basis depending on how it will affect the individual patient. There is also need to ensure that the amount being used on the patient is small enough to avoid addiction and side effects that may harm the patient like depression and negative aggression. Patients who are known to have liver  problems and diseases like hypertension and heart problems are not supposed to make use of steroids  for treatments but again the discretion lies with the doctor who is treating. The pros have to be more than the cons for anything to be termed as proper or the particular situation. Steroids have been used for the treatment of anemia as it increases the number of red blood cells in the blood of the user. This is positive since patients who are suffering from anemia are generally weak from the lack of oxygen that stems from their low count of red blood cells in the body. It is important to ensure that the dosage and procedure has been done right.  This will reduce the chances of some side effects like addiction and aggression that will be negative for the patient.