No outrage seems on Over This Performance Enhancing Drug

It is a most probable question that not only baseball but all games played in U.S.A. are free from drugs? The question is not about performance or muscle enhancing drugs but all those drugs which sportsmen as they are prescribed by either doctors or they use them due to some problem of their body in which some affected materials are also mixed.
Toradol is also a drug which does not contain any toxic material but is used for healing the pain and is often used for very short amount of time upto 5-6 days but its excessive use can fail the kidney, heart and sometimes causes bleeding from several parts of the body and such a medicine was shown in an advertisement on a sports channel. Andrea Kremer is an interviewer worked on a sports channel and also worked in a broadcast station where she was transmitting the news about football. Recently she took an interview of Brian Urlacher who played football for the team of Chicago, and he was also a dedicated player of all the time. In the interview, he discussed steroids and drugs.
Kramer worked on American television described briefly the misuse and disadvantages of drugs that how they give harm to our body specially our kidney, stomach and intestines are severely affected by them. Adam Rubin is a famous director who produced many programs in Newyork and won many awards talked to the teacher of St. Louis College of Pharmacy which is non-governmental institute in Chicago, about the steroids that their use should be minimum and limited. Mike Pelfrey, a famous player of Major-League baseball (MLB) and R.A Dickey who dedicated his career for baseball and joined few teams but both accepted the bitter truth that they consumed steroids for enhancing their performance. Johan Alexander Santana, a player of MLB who played many games for New York was injecting recently when he was feeling discomfort and pain.
A question arises here that why media is silent and ignoring all these events? Why the people who love their players are not taking any actions against them? How can we compare the Toradol and amphetamines as this is a drug used to get relief from tiredness?
Dave Lennon, who often write many articles and share his view regarding baseball and its players, wrote an article few days before in a famous newspaper of Newyork “Newsday” in which he discussed that these drugs are totally illegal for athletes by which they get extra benefits and win the games which are unlawful.
Allan Bud Selig who worked on the post of commissioner of MLB discussed that even official do not consume the drugs in proper way which feels like inappropriate when an officer say like this.