New Jersey Police officer suspended for having steroids

Police officers are often appointed by government to serve the people living in that country. Their one of the duty is to catch the guilty people and to maintain the law and order in the country. They catch the criminals and can seize even their properties if they are not legal.

Some police officers are given special trainings for some specific tasks which only they can perform. They may face any situations so they have to be alert always to control all types of hurdles. Another duty of police officer is to behave gently with local citizens.

They keep the information about every citizen and they are permitted and have an ability to make quick decisions.

Some police officers control heavy traffic in large cities, do investigations on different cases, seekout their results that what might happen and who were the people indulge in the crime actually. They even write blogs, articles and research papers to let the people know their working.

They are paid well and also they have many authorities in their hands but due to these all, some police officers take bribe and sometimes they even support the corruption by misbehaving with people, take the advantage of their position and change the evidences completely which are not in favor of him, gives permission to smugglers for drugs dealing. They become the part of illegal and corrupted activities in a society by which other people suffer.

Such situations mostly occur in third-world and in developing countries where economy is not stable so these officers earn their living unlawfully and this is one of the severe military problem in those countries where people feel themselves unsafe even from police officers.

Actual report is not easy to find as this all happens secretly and when officers are themselves tainted, they hide the truth and show the completely new face of the case to the audience which creates confusion in the minds of people.

Such a case was issued recently in the state of U.S.A. in New Jersey which is a neighboring state of New York where all such things are common.

Some agencies caught a police officer who was found using steroids which are also a kind of drugs and any doctor did not suggest him to use those drugs it means he was not even prescribed from any physicians.

Anthony Kearns III is an investigator and he told that police officer was arrested when he was not on his duty, and an inquiry was started which was continued for two months.

His age was 31 and as a result, that police officer was fired and it cannot be said that whether he had talked with any prosecutor or not about his case.