New anti-doping technique to be introduced in Russia

According to anti doping agency of Russia they are going to issue every one of their athletes with Steroid IDs. These Steroid IDs would be containing the complete hormone data which would be very useful in not allowing the athlete to hide the use of any prohibited substance. According to the sources this new technique would be effective in a year’s time. Currently the players only have to go through some of the blood tests but with some fast development in the doping field have enabled some of the substances which are not even detected by the blood tests as well. That is the major reason in the major events on why some more advanced biological data is also taken from the players. Igor Vykhodets, who is the Deputy Director at the Moscow’s department of Physical Training, culture and sport center, says that specialists would be monitoring the levels of hormones as any deviation in their level would mean that the same illegal means are used.

For a steroid ID athletes would have to give many doping samples in one year. Results of these samples would be stored in a special program which would be closely analyzed by experts. For instance if mean level of hematology is 150 and after sometime there is a rise in its level then it would mean that the athlete has used some illegal substance or athlete training in a hilly area. These same criteria would apply for steroids as well as most of the Russian Wrestlers are from Northern part of Russia where high levels of testosterones are found in the people.

Now a day’s usage of performance enhancing gene doping has increased a lot which has both good and bad consequences. On one hand where they enhance performance of the user but on the other hand, they can also cause some serious health issues as well. Although this gene doping can be detected from the urine but sometimes due to body changes it takes a lot of time to be detected. Nikita Kamaev who is the acting director of Anti Doping agency of Russia is of the view that this new ID system would be very helpful in catching cheating in a timely manner. According to her this ID system would be in action in one year and would be part of the biometric system.

Any type of minerals and vitamins can prove to be a source of doping in all humans. The major difference is of the dose which is taken. Athletes having no strength or skill to win are using latest techniques for doping but to catch them, latest techniques are also being made.