Motherhood is the Performance enhancing drug for Lady High

Tia Hellebaut, a mother of two children says she is stronger than she has ever been and expects to perform better now more than ever before, even after winning the gold in Beijing 2008. She then retired when she became pregnant and gave birth to her baby. It was not long before she became pregnant again and retired to give birth to her second daughter. She is said to be stronger than she was before giving birth h to her children-and this is not an allegation she is just making because of her new found status. She has qualified for the Olympics and wants to make another impression at high jumping in an effort to represent her country. She comes from Antwerp, a city that is not really known for its production of high quality athletes. Nevertheless, the mother of two wants to bag two gold medals in two successive Olympic games.

She is not the only new mother who will participate in the Olympic Games this year; she is in the same league with one who is a high jumper of the same caliber as Hellebaut. She may have a little more to struggle with since she has suffered muscle trauma that comes with childbirth. She did not have an option since caesarean section is no an option and as every athlete mum has to do, she has to have a natural birth. Generally speaking, any sport that has anything to do with jumping and sprinting will have a problem for the pelvic floor and therefore all sprinters and high jumper mothers will have a problem coming back to the sport when they give birth. They have a bigger challenge than women who have not given birth but they are ready to take it since they also have to deal with weight gain that comes with pregnancy

These are not the only athlete mothers to have participated in the Olympic games, Stefka Kostadinova won gold in Atlanta and while there are obvious challenges to go through, these mothers are agreeing that there are some advantages too, as they have to focus a lot and manage their time in order to compete with others who have not yet given birth. Mothers mention that giving birth changes their lives and these two are particular about this fact. Hellebaut mentions that it has given her some form of serenity and that she is now more focused on high jumping than she has ever being in her life. Caring for another new person after having brought him or her into this world has changed her life. She says she is able to concentrate more in her sport as she has found a new reason for living.