Montclair cops seize large quantity of steroids during arrest, and other police news

As the information provided by police department to The Montclair Times, several criminal activities were reported and arrests regarding some were made. These include an arrest made by the Montclair detectives, a woman with an intention of fraud and burglary in an Elston Road residence.

The officers were able to take in custody huge amount of steroids during their arrest. The arrest was made in the parking of a business office building.  The 27 year old man was stopped by the Montclair detectives and during the search came across over 1000 anabolic steroids pill, as told by Detective Sergeant Wil Young. The arrest took place at midnight on 27th of March; however the name of the suspect is still kept as confidential, Detective Young told the paper. Further on Young told that at the parking lot of Valley Road the suspect was stopped, this is an office building with offices of professional practitioners. The defendant was found in control of $2,135 of cash and 1,763 pills of drug Turanabol. As for the facts of why the defendant was there and why he had these controllable substances was in fact irrelevant.

On the April of 2nd, a woman was caught by the police on the charge of bogus checks. The event took place in an avenue of Bloomfield when police was reported of a woman who was trying to deposit and withdraw money using a bogus check form the Bloomfield Avenue TD Bank at about 9:50 am. The revealed information states that the 30 years old Catherine Judy Green of East Orange tired to deposit a check of $255 and then withdraw a check of $100. The police was able to arrest Green though the evidence gathered at the scene and though the descriptions provided by the bank personals. The woman was arrested on the charge of attempt to fraud, the officials told.

On the same day, i.e. 2nd April, a break-in was reported at Elston Road residence. According to the victims the rear window of the house had been broken in order to make the entrance by the thieves. They had stolen a safe containing collectable coins and significant amount of jewelry. As yet no arrests have been made and investigations are in progress.

Another report of theft was reported on Clarewill Avenue as the burger made his way into the home form an unlocked back door of the house. He was able to take away with him four cell phones and unspecified amount of cash. According to the police the home owners had left their back door open though which the thief was able to make his way in. The robbery took place between 12:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. on 31 March on Saturday.