Mike Wallace Interview

Mike Wallace was died recently on 7 April, 2012 when he was 93 years old. His job was to broadcast the news on radio and then after 1960, he started working on television and was selected in a program where he was given responsibility to take interview of famous personalities for 60 minutes in which he became very successful.

In his final years of life, he took his last interview in January 2008 of famous baseball player Roger Clemens which was transmitted from Houston in which he was asked that why he was blamed for using drugs or more probably which are known as steroids and that interview rose many questions and doubts in the mind of fans.

After that interview, it can be said that maybe he will not answer any other questions about his false testimony.

Mitchell Report which was written on 13 December 2007 to the head of baseball in which all details were given about those players who had used steroids or other muscle enhancing drugs for winning purpose. In that report, Roger was blamed for consuming drugs which enhanced his performance during sports. He also had given his speech to the administration in which he denied the use of drugs. After that, the interview was also controversial for the people of Capitol Hill which is a thickly populated state of Washington, and he was blameworthy in a sense that he had given false statement knowing that he had taken an oath.

A famous magazine published weekly around the world is Daily Beast in which a American author Howard Kurtz called Wallace as an aggressive interviewer.

A famous Canadian reporter Morley Safer was discussing the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin and about his era of atrocity, described the role of Yasir Arafat in corruption and called Ayatollah Khomeini as mad.

When Wallace talked with Roger, he used harsh words that whether the information about consuming steroids was correct or not which was given by his instructor Brian McNamee but Roger replied in decent and peaceful way.

Clemen gave an example for clarification that if he had used those drugs then he must be as much powerful to drag the tractor with his teeth.

Mike asked the reason why would his tutor had given false information about him and even his one of the friend Andy Pettitte testified and approved the report that it was all true without any doubt. Then Roger talked angrily that, people atleast trust on him and this was great support for him.

He further told that many people made their own perceptions before any final decision come.

The date which was announced for further investigations was 16 April of this year.