Josh Barnett Can Return to the UFC

Josh Barnett is a former UFC heavyweight champion. But that title was taken back from him soon after he won it. As he won the title he was tested for usage of steroids and the test came positive and his title was taken back from him. The rule for a positive steroid test is that a single failure of test is normal for any one. There would be a fine and you would be suspended from play for some time. You can always make a comeback once you have finished the suspension period. If you are a champion then your title is also taken back from you and you can also regain it once you are back. But this all is possible when you admit to the fact that you have taken steroids and you are sorry for that and apologize to all your fans and the authority.

But this apology and admission of the fact of using steroids is never being the case with Josh Barnett. This is the particular and major reason on why Barnett is not in good terms with Dana White who is the President of the UFC. This drug failure is not the first case with Barnett as he has failed the test on multiple occasions and on that he has a lot to say about White calling him as hindrance and also said that the work White is doing that can also be performed by a trained monkey.

But the things are getting better between White and Barnett as both were seen and photographed together at the Annual Fight Sight in Las Vegas last summer.  White said that he and Barnett are getting along with each other in a nice way from some time and you should be able to come along with the terms and conditions which he has. If he wins the fight there is no way we can stop him from coming here after making a deal.

It is thought that Barnett would be getting a chance in 2012 regardless of the results of heavyweight grand prix finals. White is giving a hint that it does not mean that if we are going to make a deal with him and after the deal he would be winning the tournament. Place of Barnett is safe in the UFC as he himself is willing and wants another chance at the stage. He is also much more calm then he was four years ago. But there is one thing in it which is the Pro Wrestling career of Barnett. He will have to choose between Professional wrestling or a fixing his place in the martial art legacy of UFC.