Increasing steroid usage in South African schools

Many educational institutions in South Africa are discussing & focusing on one major issue i.e., ratio of students is increasing day by day who consume drugs and few students are also tested as an inquiry that what is the level of alcohol in their blood when they are driving and this is all done by those machines which test the breath of a person so that investigators can decrease the usage of such harmful drugs which often makes the person unconscious.

Recently on the day of Easter, a function of rugby games was organized in the school in which an institution, which cease the people from using drugs, informed all the players that they have to give their test for steroids.

Steroid is hormone like substance which is often used to increase the strength and promote muscle & cell growth. The actual reason for the discovery of steroid was to treat undernourished patients and to promote healing after surgery.

The agency said that the usage of drugs in training institution is ludicrous and they will declare the names of those two students who participated in rugby games the previous year as they will be prohibited from playing in next two years because they used drugs.

Now the anti-doping agency of South Africa had planned that they will test at any rate 1000 students in 120 schools as to check that whether they use drugs or not and it will required around 1.3 to 1.4 million rupees.

The head teachers of most schools requested the agency to take the test of all students as some of them use steroids and other effected drugs. One principal said in harsh manner that if even a single student is observed as clumsy, his test would be conducted instantly.

In April 2010, 104 out of 433 students were suspended from the schools in five states, as they misbehaved with their teachers.

An agency of Johannesburg tested students of few schools located in Gauteng, the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and found that out of 383 students, 24 students were used to take drugs.

A student of class 10th was not permitted to play any game as he was caught using steroids. He said that he unwittingly had taken that medicine when he was learning to play rugby.

The principal of Benoni High School stated that the test of one or two students showed that they used drugs but they might used them outside the school.

The anti-doping agency of South Africa interacted with world anti-doping agency that testing the players in schools is the best way to prohibit them from playing worldwide and even it would also effectuate many requests from principals of the schools as to keep the environment of schools more peaceful.