History of Anabolic Steroids in baseball

“Anabolic steroids are in vogue with sportsmen”

This about sums up whats going on in the sports world specifically in baseball. Steroids are known to increase testosterone in the body which enables absorption of protein in the body, increases development of muscle mass. The substances in these drinks and pills increase aggression and the capacity to train and practice more than before. However, using steroid and the substances available in the market can cause some serious threat to one’s body, be it youngsters or adults alike. Prolonged usage in men can cause Gynomastia, meaning development of man breasts tissues and in women can cause masculine features of Virilization may occur. In very bad cases, it can cause liver problems as well as death.

Baseball players are using steroids to boost their shape and performance. The usage of steroids has increased so much that Major League of Baseball had to implement a comprehensive policy for drug testing.

It started when they found a nutritional supplement bottle in the locker of Mark McGwire. On further investigation it was found that this supplement could convert itself to testosterone when it enters the body enabling the user to play and perform much better.  McGwire at that time was on his way to breaking a record after which he retired. But this is where the steroid story just started. A couple of years later, Sports Illustrated discovered via Caminiti that he was using anabolic steroids. Additionally, he estimated that around fifty percent of baseball players of the league are using them. Studies showed that 85% of Major League Baseball players used steroids and they have also admitted it.

Another eminent story is of Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi where they were suspected of using drugs. Giambi, admitted that he was using a stack of undetectable steroids that he received from his trainer Greg Anderson. Bonds, in contrast maintained his trainer gave him the substance claiming they were nutritional supplements. Using steroids at that was not banned by the league of Baseball.

With multi million dollars on stake, every player wants to get the best of deal, look great, and play better. The only fact that is constant is that players are going to use steroids and illegal substances till the time they get away without being caught. It is for this reason that the congress pressurized Major League of Baseball to implement a comprehensive drug test for athletes and players so every player gets a fair chance rather than steroids doing their work.

This certainly does not mean that it will stop the players from using drugs; however it should discourage substance abuse. However, use of steroid in the world of baseball is very unlikely to go down due to this policy