Former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens arrives for a hearing at US District Court in Washington

Roger Clemens is an ex pitcher from New York Yankees. He lied about the usage of steroids last year. For that case he appeared in front f the court but an error in prosecution closed the case before it was heard properly. No key stand was taken from both parties last time but now his retrial is again going to begin. According to Benjamin Brafman, who is a famous lawyer from New York and who also successfully defended rape charges against the former IMF Chief Strauss Kahn, this case started and stopped immediately so there is no advantage to both sides. But during the last nine months a lot has been prepared by the lawyer of Clemens, Rusty Hardin. He has got the interviews of several new witnesses and has also collected many other related documents. He said they a new do over is done and that new do over is due to the misconduct. The new witnesses interviews which will be presented this time can raise questions about a major witness who is the former trainer of Clemens named Brian McNamee.

Clemens is charged on a total of 6 charges. One charge is for disturbing the Congressional inquiry. Three charges are on giving false statements and the other two charges are of perjury and alleged usage of drugs which enhances the performance. Clemens has played for 23 years for four different teams in his entire career. Clemens ,who is now 49 years old, if he is convicted under all these accounts then he will be getting a sentence in prison for 30 years and not only that he would also be fined 1.5 million dollars.

Last time Judge Walton stopped the trial and told that it was mistrials due to the reason that prosecutors showed a video clip which was of the wife of Andy Pettite who is a Government witness.  Judge has asked that it should not be the case this time. Clemens on the other hand claims that his lawyers were also preemptively attacked by prosecutors and notice of that should also be taken. Judge also ordered that no prejudicial comments should be given. Hardin told the court that Clemens is majorly accused due to the reason that he remained with McNamee. But prosecutors say that they have 45 witnesses who will tell that Clemens has used steroids. Clemens repeatedly says McNamee has injected him only with Vitamins and pain killers. But McNamee says he himself injected the athlete. Pettite also told the court that Clemens himself admitted himself in front of him that he has used performance enhancing drugs.