FDA approves steroid spray for nasal

Nagging nasal passage is becoming common day by day as the pollution is increasing. Pollen allergies and other related symptoms are also becoming common. These symptoms especially become visible when spring comes around the corner. Flowers starts blooming and we can find green grass everywhere. There are leaves on the trees and all the dryness starts covering with greenery. This however brings with it pollen – many pollens and these pollens are of course responsible for allergies. What comes next to it – medications!!

There are many traditional medications for irritating nasal symptoms like wet nasal sprays but recently a new medication for this condition has been approved by FDA and that is dry versions of those wet sprays. Though, this new medication is around for a decade, but in the same traditional form that is wet. This season has brought its dry version which is a relief for those who were hardly bearing wet sprays that went down their throats irritating them even further. People were going with wet sprays since they have no other option; but not now. Dry versions are available; these were once introduced earlier as well, but the propellants in these sprays i.e. chlorofluorocarbon were known to harm ozone layer which became a reason they were abandoned.

These dry versions have many advantages which resulted in increase in their demand. An allergy specialist of San Antonio named Dr Paul Ratner also recommended these dry sprays saying they are more appealing and pleasant and doesn’t have any odor.

Explaining the nature and usage of these sprays Dr Ratner said that these dry nasal sprays contain beclomethasone which is a kind of steroid. This shows that steroids are not only used by athletes and sportsperson to build their bodies but they also have medical value. This nasal steroid – QNASL has in it a new kind of propellant that is less or not harmful at all to the ozone hence making it a good choice for environmental conscious people. Dr Ratner mentioned the usage of this dry spray as one time per day and number of sprays should be two sprays in each nostril. This dosage may change as per suggestions of the physician of each sufferer.

Nasal steroids market is $2.5 billion and QNASL was expected to enter this mutli-billion market, April this year. It will be the foremost choice of those who prefer such sprays that are not harmful to the environment and at the same time are effective as well as easy to use. Since these sprays are pleasant and also do not have that dripping nature most wet sprays have this nasal steroid will soon become first choice of most the people suffering from nasal allergies.