Epidural steroids provided better relief for some patients with sciatica

Sciatica is a pain in humans which disturbs the lower back and also disturbs the movement of the leg. Enbrel was used to treat it but now according to new research epidural steroids will provide more relief to the patients suffering from Sciatica. But this relief is slight and there is no significance difference between the two. Patients who took epidural steroids reported of relief one month after taking them. After six months of using epidural steroids there was not much of a significance difference between usage of Enbrel, epidural steroids or the saline injections.

According to a research by Dr. Steven Cohen, Professor of Anesthesia at UHS and also Director Pain Research at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, says result of steroid is much better than that of other medications. The study was published in the Annals of Internal medicine. In this study it was told that back pain is one of the major reasons for disability in people under age of 45. Previously this disability was said to be due to the degenerative disks. According to Dr. Cohen Sciatica is also one of the very difficult pains to treat as there are other pains related with spine.

For a number of years there is a controversy over the effectiveness of steroids in back pain. Mostly the people agree that steroids are good. Some says they are good only in short term but not effective in long term.  People say it helps in reducing the pain but not the permanent solution for pain. Research says that degenerating disks presses a nerve which produces cytokine and this cytokine produces inflammation in the back and the steroids blocks these cytokines.  But the research does not support this phenomenon.  A research was conducted on 84 sciatica patients who were having back pain for less than six months. Patients were given different medications. Some patients were given epidural injections with either saline and anesthesia or steroids and anesthesia or etanercept.  Those who got epidural injections, 75% of them reported that 50% pain was relieved. Those who used etanercept, 42% reported 50% relieve in pain and 50% in saline group reported 50%releive in pain. After six months epidural steroids give 29% relieve in pain as compared to the 40% and 38% of saline and etanercept respectively. So it shows steroids are good in short term but not in long term. Chou who is assistant professor in internal medicine says that these results underscore their previous estimations.  Dr Cohen says that bottom line is that epidural steroids can give relief for short term but in long run it can cause some complications including the death and paralysis as well.