Drug etanercept is no more effective in the long term than other back pain treatments

Back pain is the pain for which there is no sure short treatment so far made. All the medicines which are used to get relieve from back pain are good for some time but after some time they also lose their effectiveness. There are lots of new medicines and steroids introduced which were said to finish the pain. Etanercept is also one of those new drugs which is said to eliminate the pain. It was considered to be a breakthrough in managing the back pain problem. But according to a new research published in the Annals of internal medicine it is said that even Etanercept is effective in short period of time but it is not effective in long term.

About two third of the people in USA are suffering from this back pain problem. Back pain is also the main problem which causes disability in people of age 45 or less. Sciatica is also a pain relating to the back bone and legs and this sciatica is also being tried to be treated with the help of using epidural steroid injections. Using these injections had some sort of satisfying results as well. But in the other hand these injections can cause some side effects such as ulcers in stomach, hip arthritis and decrease in immunity etc. These side effects are not there in the Etanercept which is operating under brand name Enbrel.

DR. Steven Cohen, who is the main lead in the research, says that when these new injections created a lot of hype saying that the treatment for back pain is finally discovered but the results in the research disappointed all. A study was conducted in the research which contained 84 people. These people were divided in three groups and each group was given separate treatment. Three treatments used were steroid injections, etanercept and saline.  They were not told what they are been given and they were followed for six months. After one month patients getting steroid injections reported of getting great relief in pain as compared to other two groups. But after six months other two groups showed more good results than the steroid injection group. Dr Cohen said that some more research is required to check whether some more dose of etanercept would be safe enough for the patients.

Daryll Dykes who is an orthopedic surgeon says that there are many people who have pains in their backs and that pain also goes away without any treatment. But people with persistent pain need to have treatment for it. Back pain can be caused also due to wrong bed way or by sneezing as well.