Daniel Carvalho discusses Steroid Use in Russian Premier League

Daniel Carvalho, who is soccer star of Brazil, accepted that when he was playing in the Premier League in Russia he used to take injections of steroids of anabolic nature. He accepted this during an interview which he gave to the ESPN Estadao, radio station of Brazil. He said that the medical doctors associated with team of CSKA Moscow (team for which he played the Russian Premier League) were injecting him on a regular basis with the anabolic steroids. This was done in order to make him gain more mass. He played for the CSKA Moscow in Russian Premier League for seven years between 2003 and 2010. Later he partially moved away from his acceptance statement.

According to Carvalho’s statement, when he departed from Brazil to play Premier League in Russia, he was very thin and had no reasonable mass on the body. He said when he reached Russia he gained weight of 8 kilograms within six months due to the very reason of taking injections of steroids. Carvalho further added in his interview to ESPN Estadao that he agreed for taking injections due to a major reason that at that time Russian Premier League was not having any policy against using the drugs for any purpose, whether for enhancing performance or to gain weight and taking of these sort of drugs for gaining weight or enhancing performance was very common and normal.

These comments given by Carvalho were considered as stupidity and rubbish on the part of him by the General Director of CSKA Moscow Roman Babaev. He was strongly of the view that never ever has CSKA Moscow been involved in giving any of its players any type of steroid. There was a great anger found in Russia about the statement which Carvalho gave to the radio Brazil and perhaps that was the major reason which forced Carvalho to take some sort of u turn on his earlier statement.

He told Correio do Povo , a daily Brazilian Newspaper, that during his stint with CSKA Moscow he got regular injections but what those injections contained was unknown to him due to the reason that he did not had any medical knowledge to know whether those injections were of steroids or any other thing. He added that if those were steroids then it was 10 years ago and that was a matter of past and if those injections didn’t had any steroids in them then my apologies to Russians on my statement. He also said that neither he nor any of the players associated with CSKA Moscow were ever forced to take any steroids by their Russian employers and all players were using same type of supplements.