D.J. Williams has issued a statement regarding his six-game suspension

With a 17 year career in the major league baseball, the former MVP of baseball, Jose Canseco with a dream to make a comeback into baseball was denied. He was set to make a comeback this spring with Quintana Roo Tigers, a team in Mexican baseball league, with whom he had been trying out and publicly stating his dream to play again, but the Mexican league official banned the player from taking part as he was alleged for failing doping test.

The Mexican league official claim that the former all star player admitted of taking illegal substance that is banned according to the Mexican league policies saying player had no prescription of what so ever for it but Jose Canseco himself denies the claim.
The President of the Mexican league baseball, President Plinio Escalante, gave a statement to ESPN in which he confirmed that the banned substance that Jose Canseco is alleged to have taken is testosterone and he will therefore not take a part in Mexican league baseball. He also stated that the player refused to take a drug test.

Jose Canseco, however, denied the claim. He used twitter to disapprove all the allegation against that has been speculating in the media. He enlightened his followers not to believe everything that the media portrays and he also openly denied the fact that he had not taken anything that was illegal. He also denied of any test result being positive as he never took any tests and he tweeted claiming this whole scenario is mere case of hatred and jealousy by those who don’t wish to see him return to baseball.

He tweeted, “How can I test positive when I never took any test don’t believe everything the media tells you….Don’t be so quick to judge till you hear the truth that’s a sure sign of ignorance hatred and jealousy”

He further claimed that the truth behind this entire allegation will always be the centre of controversies and that the more he brings the reality of baseball to front the more problems will be created. Further in his defense Jose Canseco tweeted, “I don’t get it the more I tell the truth the more I am hated wow we are headed for self destruction”.

The player has admitted that due to his medical condition, he was prescribed to take low levels of testosterone and has full prescription for testosterone therapy but he has so far not broken any league policies as he has not done anything that is illegal.

In 2005 Jose Canseco published a book in which he proclaimed 80% of the major league baseball players of taking banned substances and he himself admitted the use of anabolic steroids