Bodybuilder admit buying, selling steroids and HGH

Steroids are a sort of drug which helps in enhancing muscles of the body and they also helps in improving the stamina and enhance the performance of a person. Similarly HGH (Human Growth Hormones) does the same. But there is one thing in common in them. There are few of them which are strictly banned to be used by any of the sportsmen around the world and if any sportsmen tests positive for any of the banned substances then they face serious consequences from their related sports body. They are banned due to the very reason that performance of a person is increased due to these steroids and not by personal effort. These steroids are not openly available in the market but they are available in black market and many people bought them from there.

All the Governments strictly disallow this sort of activity and all the times are on a go to catch people selling illegal steroids. Similar case happened in St. Charles County in USA where, according to office of US Attorney, two people were caught who imported Steroids and HGH from China and then they were selling them in different gyms and to bodybuilders in the area.

Keith Ashabranner who is aged 32 from O’Fallon, Mo. Was the one person who was caught and he was proved guilty and was charged with the charge that he was having illegal steroids and Human Growth Hormones with him, which he used to distribute or sell to different gyms and bodybuilders in the area in the past.  The other person was caught in December last year was Gregory Loomans aged from St. Charles was also found guilty and was also charged for having Human Growth Hormones and Illegal steroids for the intent of selling them to different gyms and bodybuilders.

Both of them agreed to the charge that they imported those steroids and Human Growth Hormones from China. They said that some of them were used by themselves, as they are also bodybuilders, and remaining was sold to different gyms and bodybuilders. When asked that how did they got it through customs? They answered that they were shown as inexpensive goods and that’s how they got it cleared through the customs. According to Ashabranner he imported steroids and HGHs of worth $32000 and with those he had made another $30000 from their sale. On the other hand Loomans imported steroids of worth $10000 and nearly made another $10000 from the sale of those steroids.

On May 4 Ashbranner’s fate would be told by court and he is expected to have 6 to 12 months of sentence in jail. Loomans would be expectedly getting sentence of probation to six months on March 16.